Colgan, Salpeter & Terzian (1988) – H I emission-absorption studies with high-velocity resolution

The properties of interstellar H I are investigated using high-velocity resolution, Arecibo emission-absorption spectra in the direction of 40 radio continuum sources, including 21 at low Galactic latitude. Comparison of the data with the results of previous studies confirms the earlier suggestion that the H I density in the nearest 100 pc is lower than the disk average by about a factor of two and the separation of H I emission into material associated with absorbing ‘clouds’ and physically independent, not strongly absorbing material. A comparison of lines of sight with different geometries supports the suggestion that spin temperatures are higher far above the Galactic disk. There is little correlation between the properties of the H I emission fluctuations on 3.8 arcmin separations and the properties of either the emission or absorption profiles.

Colgan, Sean W. J.; Salpeter, Edwin E.; Terzian, Yervant
1988, The Astrophysical Journal, 328, 275-298…328..275C